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Germans Not Behind Their Leader’s Policies

It’s becoming clearer that the people in Germany are not in agreement with their leaders over sanctions against Russia. The following comment was made about a video with content about the Nord Stream pipeline and the recent sabotage events in Europe..

“Germany is officially for the USA and against Russia. But among the ordinary population it is the other way around. The German people want ordinary peaceful relationships with Russia and wants the American soldiers who are stationed in Germany to return home after 75 years of occupation.”

This comment received overwhelming support with some people saying that even the American soldiers in Germany don’t want to be there. So why are they there?
Officially, there is still the stigma of the WW11 and Germany being punished for their actions during that terrible time but another obvious reason is that America wants a foothold in central Europe from which to ramp things up should they need to.

Troop numbers have fallen in recent years. German government figures show that between 2006 and 2018, the number of US troops stationed in Germany more than halved, from 72,400 to 33,250, as the US military change their occupational focus around the globe.

As a hardline socialist Olaf Scholz (Germany’s current chancellor) is also a supporter and speaker at the WEF (World Economic Forum) which is the home of Globalism. One has to wonder if his appointment as chancellor is part of the outspoken Globalist agenda to have the whole planet controlled under one government. It’s obvious that the majority of Germans are not Ok with too which is understandable as there is a growing realisation that the Globalist agenda is seriously flawed.

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