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Anti-NATO Protests In France

Thousands of people have taken to the streets in Paris in particular, demanding that their government leave NATO thus relieving them of sanctions against Russia and enabling the flow of energy once again.
Petroleum shortages in France are becoming chronic with long lines to petrol stations and high prices once they get there.
To add to the situation a strike by Frances CGT Union has paralysed the oil industry, they are asking for a pay rise of 10%.
Meanwhile, Europeans in general are hoarding wood, cleaning chimneys and mulling horse dung in preparation for the cold months ahead.
The likelihood of Emmanuel Macron agreeing to leave NATO is very slim for a host of reasons but one thing that each European can be sure of, Government leaders will not freeze over the coming winter, while it looks increasingly sure that millions of citizens will.

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  1. Julia Julia October 17, 2022

    Spot on article, short and to the point.

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