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Cracks In NATO Alliance Appearing

There are thirty member states in the NATO Alliance, 28 European and 2 North American and it is one of the European countries (France) who is currently saying that they do not support directly attacking Russia.
NATO has recently come under huge criticism from European and American citizens for being a warmongering institution led primarily by the American military complex which some say appears to be heading on a self-destructive trajectory.

The split in NATO looks to be over the deployment of nuclear missiles. France is the only EU country with nuclear weapons of it’s own and Emmanuel Macron reportedly says that France is not interested in using them against Russia. This has caused a split in NATO.
France’s President Macron twittered on Thursday…

“We do not want a World War.”

Macron has been talking for some time now of a ‘European Army’. In March he said that Europe should become more independent for it’s own defence and to ensure energy supplies. It appears that France would like to build a structure that is independent of both the EU and NATO.

Russia itself has said that it has no need to use nuclear ballistic missiles to take Ukraine, it has enough powerful weapons to do the job and the recent tactical strikes on the military infrastructure of Ukraine would appear to support this.

It is becoming clear among all of the rhetoric that a direct war between NATO (America) and Russia would not produce a winner because such a conflict would definitely result in a nuclear war, and this would catastrophic for the planet.

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