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The Climate Crisis Is A Political “Scam”

“Political environment policies are destroying lives and are rooted in lies, all of them.”

Tom Harris has a set of credentials as long as your arm, and he calls the alarmist ‘climate crisis’ movement a ‘scam’. As Executive Director of the International Climate Science Coalition he says having been an alarmist himself, it wasn’t until a colleague pointed out the flaws in the climate model he was following that he flipped and took the opposing view.

He says that governments are busy trying to ‘do the right thing’ but underneath it all there is no climate crisis. He points out that there is no correlation between CO2 and the Earth’s temperatures.
There are ‘thousands’ of scientists around the globe who are reconsidering their stance on the climate crisis because of the huge holes that exist in the climate crisis model.

According to the politicos around the globe it is ‘settled science’ that is determining the state of the planet while Tom says that climate science is in fact a very immature science..

“In fact, we don’t know if it’s going to warm or cool in the future. The bottom line is that we have no clue what is really going to happen.”

He says we should be using solid, dependable energy sources like coal and gas for energy supplies and not depending on ‘flimsy’ wind solar power to do the job. He also says that corrupt political agendas are at foot, pushing election campaigns, all run by environment alarmists..

Watch Tom tell it in an interview by clicking Here.

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  1. Julia Julia October 17, 2022

    China is the ultimate hidden hand behind climate alarmism, aided by their useful Marxist idiots in the west and ‘new energy’ scam companies milking subsidies.

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