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Massive Protests In France

Emmanuel Macron and his Globalist Agenda is under attack right across France with massive protests against the EU ideology that is seen to be destroying the lives of citizens and the freedom of individuals.
The general opinion is that Macron’s eccentricism is driving the country into a destructive spiral with little relief in sight.
As well as the general discontent there have been a wave of strikes that are compounding the lives of people and with the prospect of a cold winter approaching with blackouts and an energy crisis, all of which could have been avoided but for the decisions of a political Elite who have little regard for the welfare of the average man and woman.

France and Germany are the key players of the European Union and it appears that both of those governments are under attack from within and understandably. With petrol pumps running dry and energy bills too high to pay it becomes inevitable that people will demonstrate against those in the halls of power.
Unfortunately, as has been seen in Globalist strongholds like New Zealand and Canada, such desperate and angry protestations, widespread though they may be, generally fall on deaf ears.

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