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Learning To Fast Will Soften The Lean Times Ahead

Every now and then I fast for 24 hours, just miss out on food for a day and I have found that this has a few effects. One, it gives my stomach and digestive system a break, two, my blood/sugar level seems to balance out and three, I really enjoy my food again when I start eating.

But there is another major reason for fasting occasionally and that is to prepare oneself for what is about to happen around the planet. There is about to be a chronic shortage of food and as well as preparing for this by storing supplies (prepping), training oneself in readiness for the hard times ahead may just make all the difference between survival and death.

It may sound extreme to say this but millions, possibly billions of people will starve in the coming years because there is just not enough food being produced.
This is being orchestrated by those who have a depopulation agenda in the guise of saving the planet. Just as the green energy movement is having detrimental effect on the health of people, so too is the ideology of progressive farming practices.

Sources of fertilisers have been shut down, diesel farm tractors are being starved of fuel in important food producing countries and the electricity needed to process food is becoming too expensive to buy or unavailable. All part of the plan. So by learning to live with less we are readying ourselves for the inevitable.
Fasting for twenty-four hours every now and then is something we can all do and actually save on resources, resources that the wise are stashing away at every opportunity to stave off ‘the big hunger’ that is coming.

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