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Can The Internet Crash?

Generally, it’s accepted that the internet cannot crash because it’s not a single network. It is a massive, interconnected matrix of networks. It is the most powerful and intricate communication matrix ever assembled by humankind and it changes changes from minute to minute, second to second, as different computers and other machines log in and leave.
The very nature of the internet, as a radically decentralized tangle of individual networks, largely protects it from crashing.

Paul Levinson, a professor of communications and systems theory says..

“It would be very hard for the entire internet to crash based on an important systems theory principle called redundancy, there are so many backup systems, so many workarounds, so many different ways to get from point A to point B. All these come online instantly and automatically if the system fails.”

It has been pointed out though, that a major catastrophe, an event of cataclysmic proportions could in fact destroy large portions of the internet’s underlying hardware, the cables, the servers, the facilities and this would cripple the matrix. Such an event could include a nuclear war or a solar flare.
Certainly, as was seen with the severing of the Nord Stream gas pipeline from Russia to Germany recently, certain areas of the globe could be cut off from the Internet by sabotage unless satellites such as the StarLink system were used to manage the job, but even they are connected to technology on the ground that could be compromised.

An analogy..

The lesson of the Titanic is still valid today, this was a ship that was specifically built to be unsinkable. All the scientists and experts of the time agreed. But they didn’t think of everything and an iceberg hit it in a particular place at a particular time and it sank. The same could happen with the Internet.

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