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Climate Anxiety IS Evolving Into Psychosis

The vast amounts of propaganda that is being fed to people and children in particular is beginning to have a seriously detrimental effect on the well being of people across the Western world and beyond.
Youths blocking roads and being dragged aside so that people can get to work is becoming more commonplace as schools push their fear driven agendas in order to achieve the goals of Globalists.

The sad thing is that children are now being programmed at an early age to believe that humans are responsible for anything unusual that is happening in nature. This, combined with the Woke agenda is creating a generation of very confused individuals.

The image above exemplifies this PsyOp process. Two Woke individuals have throw tomato soup at an original Van Gogh and then super-glued their hands to the wall while shouting eco terrorist doctrine.

By now, anyone who is conscious in the slightest will know that the mainstream media is in the pocket of the Deep State and that agendas are being pushed daily through headlines and articles, and this will eventually take it’s toll. Someone once said…

“Tell someone something often enough and they will believe it.”

Unfortunately for the kids, they are being fed one lie after another for two obvious reasons. One is control and the other is wealth for an elite minority. Now the hate and anger against humanity that has been promoted is rising to the surface and having detrimental effects for everyone.

It may be too late for many but the call these days is to not send your children to school and do your own research about climate and the condition of the planet. An excellent place to start is right here on Essential News and an article entitled The Climate Crisis Is A Political Scam.

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