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Work Hours For Rent Increasing

In America and around the world the number of hours that people need to work just to pay rent has risen to 64. A new survey has discovered that the average worker in a medium to high payed job has to work sixty-four hours if the rent is to be covered and that doesn’t include food, electricity, water, internet, car, health insurance etc.

All of the indications are that the Western World is heading rapidly into an economic Depression, that’s not a Recession, a Depression and this, in times past, has usually heralded the commencement of a war.
What does this mean for the average income earner? It means that very soon people will not be able to make enough money to make ends meet. People are going to lose their homes, their cars and the possesions they need to make life work.
Family units will break up due to restlessness, discontent and the need to search for the basics of life and all of this is in the cooking pot right now.

Malcontent in Europe is increasing with large demonstrations and anger at politicians for creating the situation that most are facing now that winter is arriving. The ever increasing cost of living crisis that Europeans are contending with is in danger of producing severe political turmoil. We have already seen a UK Prime Minister have a record short term in office. (Liz Truss 45 days) and all the indications are that there is little economic and political stability for the Brits to look forward to.

Inflation and a lack of pay increases that are unable to keep up with the rising cost of living and protesters are coming together to oppose established governments for their handling of the current energy crisis and the lot of the average citizen.
In short, the economic and political landscape around the world is in a state of severe flux. Many observers are saying that this is deliberate and could and can be easily avoided, but for most of us the best advice anyone can receive is to stock up on essentials and prepare for what is coming.

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