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The US Just Twenty-Four Days From Diesel Disaster

In the United States of America, the resident government’s plan to bring chaos to that once prosperous nation is just twenty-four days from fruition.
There have been many indicators for anyone with an ounce of consciousness to see that the closing down of input to the oil reserves of America plus the exporting of existing supplies to Europe, is going to create a disastrous situation.

There are two possible reasons for this event taking place. One is total incompetency from those in power and the other is that it is part of the Globalist plan to destroy what exists and build back better in their own image.
I tend to favour the second.
What will happen when the diesel supplies run out is painfully obvious. Trucks, trains, farming equipment and ships run on diesel and they will all grind to a halt and so too will the economy. Food supplies will evaporate and and people will die.

Can the situation be saved? Only by a complete turn around and policy change by the Biden administration and it’s pretty obvious that this is not going to happen.
Finally, warships and tanks, in fact any wartime vehicle runs on diesel and if there is no fuel then America has no defences other than nuclear. Dead in the water, the US will cease to exist as an autonomous nation and become the possession of any country with a notion to occupy it.

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