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NZ: Stop Planting Kauris, Plant Nut and Fruit Trees

The New Zealand Government has become obsessed with planting Kauris and as usual the reasoning behind this is either misguided or politically strategic. The New Zealand Kauri tree is no more important than any other tree and and a lot less useful to humans than many. In times past Kauris were prized for their buoyancy and so for shipbuilding, Maori cut them down for building wakas (canoes) but those days have long passed and one of few features of having the tree around is that it grows slowly and very wide. It is New Zealand’s widest native tree but not the tallest. The tallest native tree in New Zealand is the Kahikatea (White Pine) but while native trees have their place in the scheme of things, the majority of them are not going to be beneficial in the fast approaching future when food will be the currency in the land.

Native ‘Trophy Trees’ are largely inedible

I can think of four New Zealand bush plants that could be eaten in a survival situation, the Fern, the Cabbage tree, Supplejack and the Nikau and there are others but the Kauri is not among them.
Over the last few decades vast numbers of Kauri have been planted, enough to make up for any desecration that may have taken place during human occupation of these islands, many times over and now it is time to get real.

Fruit trees will save lives

Humans are a wonderful species, we are clever, resourceful and gregarious but like all animals, sometimes find ourselves encountering difficulties, usually of our own making and with extraordinary difficulties come extraordinary solutions such as the planting of fruit and nut trees which can benefit ourselves and future generations.
I have seen the Department Of Conservation in New Zealand take over farms and plant whole paddocks in slow growing and inedible Kauri. Instead, nut trees and fruit trees could be producing in just a few years and saving lives. It’s only common sense, humans can live on fruit and nuts.

It’s time to plant fruit and nut trees en mass. There’s no doubt in my mind that humanity is in the process of stepping off a cliff into a precipice, a precipice that won’t contain supermarkets or organised food supplies in the chasm below. With just a little foresight though, there may be enough fruit and nut trees to enable us to survive, after all that’s what it is all about, yes? We are here to survive and flourish.

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