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Global Currency Yes, Run By Globalists No

Where I live in New Zealand the international value of an NZ dollar is shrinking rapidly. Yesterday I went to purchase a service online which is based in US dollars and found that it was going to cost me twice as much as anyone in the US would pay. The NZ dollar is worth 56 US cents and when you add 15% GST (goods and services tax) on top of that you are looking at paying twice as much. Needless to say, I didn’t bother.

The solution to this inequality of course would be to have a global currency, one that has the same value in every country. The Russians are attempting to make their rouble ‘the currency’ while other emerging economies like India are trying the same.
Exchange rates are a scam too with banks charging just to make a calculation, there’s no doubt that the current global economic system is in crisis like most political and social systems in our world and you get the feeling that most people are just holding their breath to see what is going to happen.

The problem for Planet Earth and humanity currently is that the wrong people have all the power. They are of an ‘old age’, one that thinks top down and are driven by greed. There is no moral compass or altruism at the top of the heap these days (although political rhetoric says the opposite) and the Globalist plans that are in place are of little use except to a few corporate oligarchs with delusions of grandeur.

When a new system does rise out of the ashes of the ‘collapse’ I for one am hoping that it will contain a global currency that can cross borders without mickey mouse taxes and scams run by local authorities, then I will be able to buy an online service on the other side world, dollar for dollar.

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