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‘Gender Reveal’ Still A Thing In New Zealand

Recently I learned of a female acquaintance who had become pregnant and after just 16 weeks she went along to an ultrasound clinic to have a ‘gender reveal’ which just happened to determine that this particular baby is a girl. What surprised me a little is that in the current politico crazy, Woke world, gender was even permitted to be officially identified but when I did a search online, sites advertising gender reveal ultrasound in New Zealand abound. Here is a quote from one such site..

“We’re pleased to offer an early gender determination service from as early as 15 weeks. If you just can’t wait you can choose to have this private, non-medical scan to find out the baby’s gender.”

So businesses in NZ are saying out loud that babies are either biological males or biological females, I have to wonder what the Woke community think about this?

For any pregnant lady wanting to know the gender of her baby and not get a surprise at the end of the whole ordeal, the cost appears to be about NZ$140.

I’ve never really thought too deeply about this subject before but it seems to me that discovering the gender when the baby is born is like a reward for all the blood sweat and tears that have gone before. That’s how I always saw it in the movies when I was growing up, the midwife says “It’s a girl” and wraps the fluid covered child in a white towel and places it next to the mother for bonding and there are smiles all around. Usually the father has been nervously waiting outside (usually in an empty corridor) and after hearing the scream of an infant entering the world, is informed that everything is well and he can go in now. That part appears to have changed these days and male partners are expected to endure the birth next to a woman having a baby.

It’s definitely a sensitive subject and now that extreme politics is getting involved ‘gender’ has become a touchy buzzword. Fortunately, the supply and demand world of small businesses is making sure that in almost every single case, common sense prevails and ‘either a boy or a girl’ is being reinforced as a real thing.

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