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Cancel Culture To Be Neutralised At Cambridge

As in most universities around the Western World, ‘cancel culture’ fuelled by the far left has made inroads into what is taught at Cambridge University and considered to be normal. Here is a definition of ‘cancel culture’..

“The meaning of CANCEL CULTURE is the practice or tendency of engaging in mass cancelling as a way of expressing disapproval and exerting social pressure.”

It actually goes further than this because it exerts political pressure as well, with politicians using it to destroy opponents and create dominant positions, and this is not new.
In times past cancel culture has been used to disenfranchise large portions of society in order to push agendas, religions have used it and so have fascist regimes and this is the danger, it is a place of intolerance and an authoritarian tool to achieve dominance.

Surprisingly, a professor named Arif Ahmed at Cambridge University is spearheading an attempt to neutralise this culture of hate by making free courses available for students there which teach the fundamentals of ‘free speech’. He says..

“Whatever subject you are studying, it is an essential part of university education that you need to understand the need for tolerance of a wide range of views, even ones that you find shocking or offensive.”

Very often people mistake this to mean that one needs to ‘accept’ shocking or offensive points of view but this is not the case, it means that people need to take an objective or neutral look at what is being presented in order to fully understand it, this is the fundamental principle behind unbiased journalism too.

So, Cambridge University students are to get free speech training, as part of this new initiative to counter ‘cancel culture’ on campus.. interesting.

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