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Covidian Globalist Cult Deprogramming

Since the beginning of the Covid plandemic I have seen the perpetrators of this event and beyond as being dark occultists with a particularly toxic agenda. The depopulating of the planet, the taking of global control and the making of all humans except an elite into a slave race by establishing a corporate feudal system through a chain of command utilising a social credit system to ensure that people will obey or be disenfranchised or killed.

These perpetrators have a lot of corporeal power. They control the mainstream media, global organisations and governments right down to the local government level and the result is that people en mass are being influenced to their detriment.

Greed, Control and Power

These are the motivating factors behind the Covidian Globalist actions and they are at the expense of everyone else. They possess no moral compass and themselves only know how to obey orders. Control and power are the rewards they seek.
The fact that so many people on the planet rushed to have a series of injections that have been medically and scientifically shown to be detrimental to their health speaks volumes about ability of most to disbelieve what they have been told by the authorities. They simply cannot bring themselves to believe that this could be the case. The term ‘sheep’ aptly describes the condition of the bulk of humanity, driven by fear and agreement to follow each other over a cliff without any critical reasoning because it ‘appears’ to be the safe option and yet it is all built on a lie.

So now that a large portion of humanity has been tricked into having poison injected into their bodies, the next part of the Covidian Globalist plan is to make everyone feel guilty about the environment, to the point where they will allow themselves to freeze or starve to death to death in order to save the planet.

This new stage of the agenda is meeting a lot of opposition because it gets in touch with some very basic, primal survival instincts and large scale gatherings are occurring in many countries to voice it although you wouldn’t even know if you only watch mainstream news.

To add to the save the planet scenario is another looming Covidian Globalist ploy. The fear of war and in particular nuclear war. While everyone watches what is happening in Ukraine, Elites are eyeing up other places on the planet to take control of. Haiti, Taiwan, African countries and Middle Eastern countries are all being vied for their resources.

Things are on the turn

The biggest problem that these Covidian Globalists have is in themselves. For all of the scientific rhetoric that they use, they are of an old age. They have a top down mindset that has reached it’s use by date and although currently enjoying a great deal of success, many people are cottoning on the the fact that they have been duped and are looking for answers about what is really happening.

The task that waking people have is to deprogram themselves. They willingly allowed themselves to be programmed and now they need to reverse engineer the process to the point where that decision was made. Learning to think critically is not an easy task for many people but in this case, lives depend on it. Meditation is the best tool I have encountered to start the process of deprogramming simply because it enables one to watch thoughts and find their seed origins.

Stop watching mainstream media

People need to avoid the sources of social engineering that are being employed with so much success by looking for alternative news sites and channels and ‘think’ about what is being presented. They need to develop their own own ideas, rather than absorbing what is being spoon fed.
Search engines like Google have been compromised so it’s necessary to use information sources that are passed around on social media or word of mouth.
By making honest connections, a healthy view of the world can develop, one in which one doesn’t live through fear of the invisible or guilt.

The truth is in there

The planet is not overpopulated and contrary to what we are being constantly told, there is no climate crisis. Consider this, the evidence is there for everyone to see if they care to look, unlike what we are told by the Covidian Globalist Cult.
Fight for your mind and strive to be happy.

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