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China’s Youth Saying ‘Let It Rot’

China’s youth are losing the will to live or at least participate in the system and the totalitarian president Xi Jinping is displeased.
‘Bai Lan’ is the term in Chinese that is consuming the minds of young people across the nation because it best describes the feeling they are having towards the world that they are encountering.
There is anger too as opportunity for their needs are not being met..

“We want food, not PCR Tests. We want freedom, not lockdowns. We want respect, not lies. We want reform, not a Cultural Revolution. We want a vote, not a dictator. We want to be citizens, not slaves.”

This peaceful but effective rebellion by the country’s youth has spread so much that it is actually effecting the nations economy and Xi Jinping made an announcement that the youth ‘must’ go back to work.

Youth are giving up on life and basically saying no to a system that is expecting them to be slaves.
This sentiment is reflected in the government’s unemployment records which show that it had risen by 20% in July 2022.

China’s ‘one child policy’ has led to an interesting problem. An old work force, and now that the young people have no desire to participate in means that the GDP of that country is taking a big hit. And there is another interesting trend occurring, the older generation who put in all of the hard work to create a booming economy in China expect the new generation to do the same. What they fail to realise is that things have changed, it is not the youth who are the problem, it is political environment that has changed, the result is, ‘let it rot’.

Students with so called ‘high education’ are finding that the expected ‘high paying’ jobs are just not there when they leave school, they end up in low paying, low end jobs if they are lucky and this is adding fuel to the fire of Bai Lan.

The CCP seems to be going out of it’s way to cripple their own economy, making enemies of tech giants and developing a phobic attitude to foreign governments, so this is not helping either. China’s wealthy are leaving, this has been clearly demonstrated and so a chaotic situation is being made worse by confusing economic policy.

China obviously have major problems in their own country, are they really in a position to take over the world? Not unless they get their youth onside.

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