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Sub Zero Temps Hit Ukraine With No Electricity

A new wave of attacks by Russia on the infrastructure of Ukraine has meant that much of the country is without electricity, gas and water.
Tens of thousands of Ukrainian citizens are fleeing into nearby Poland and Germany to escape the deteriorating situation in their country and these countries are beginning feel the pressure of the refugees arriving.
Germany itself is facing a dark winter and is beginning to realise that mass civil disobedience is a real possibility. Blackouts and inflation are the perfect ingredients for a troubling time and although European leaders are scrambling to save a situation which has been entirely of their own making, the prospects for not only Ukraine but the rest of Europe are looking grim.
Blackouts will effect businesses adversely which will have a snow ball effect, meaning a further downturn for the economy which will touch every sphere of life in Germany.

Meanwhile in Ukraine, the economy is in shreds, depending entirely on charity from external sources.
Poland is now home to one million Ukrainians and another million are expected in the coming weeks.
The countries that border Ukraine are Belarus to the north, Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary to the west, and Romania and Moldova in the south. All are having refugees arrive from Ukraine.

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