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Fake Weather Reports Irking Growers

If you toss a coin, we are told that there is a fifty-fifty chance that it will land on one side or the other but if the coin is not ‘fair’ then a bias occurs and the results will favour one particular side. Growing evidence is appearing that mainstream weather reports, just like mainstream news outlets are exhibiting a bias.
Why, you may say? Well, the official narrative is pushing an agenda and ‘weather’ falls under the umbrella of that agenda. In particular, it is pushing that there is a ‘climate crisis’ and mainstream weather reports are reflecting this constantly.

Climate Crisis is a fabrication

Why would politicians fake a climate crisis? Any sort of crisis gives politicians an excuse to make changes and take away the freedoms of citizens. It is a control mechanism and so if a crisis is generated in the minds of citizens, control measures can be introduced.
That is why politicians get into ‘power’ because they are power players and deception is the tool they use to consolidate power.

As a gardener myself I have a close relationship with the weather and although I look at weather forecasts occasionally in order to have a laugh, I’ve come to trust my own instincts (and data) because forecasts are usually proving to be incorrect which indicates that a bias is in play. You would expect weather forecasters to get it right at least 70 to 80 percent of the time but this definitely is not the case.

What prompted this article is what happened in the last two days. A ‘severe weather warning’ was issued for our area which included thunder, lightning, high winds and tornadoes. My tomatoes enjoyed sun for most of yesterday, overnight there were two light showers and today there is not a breath of wind and patchy cloud with more sun.
This is not an isolated occurrence, it happens a lot and although it has been a wet Spring (not uncommon), much of what has been reported by people on highly paid salaries has been well wide of the mark.
Comments like ‘the warmest month on record’ abound from the mainstream. Ask any grower, if they haven’t been brainwashed they’ll give you a different story.

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