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NZ: Snow In The South In Late November

A cold front is travelling up the country delivering snow and ice to some places.

The above image was sent to us from Dunedin yesterday. It’s a bit unusual to have these ‘polar rodents’ scuttling through at this time of year but not unheard of. Cold weather can appear in New Zealand from the south right up until the Summer Solstice. Temperatures have also dropped considerably today in the north where we live as the cold arrives.
It’s tough on gardeners though, plants just stop growing and can be battered by any wind and rain that arrives.
One positive has been pointed out to me from a southern gardener, all of the bugs that normally attack plants at this time of year are annihilated. Without growth though, the season will be late and and if there is hail then fruit can be damaged. This also has an up side, the local market will be flooded with produce.

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