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Disassociation Now More Than Ever

I keep reading accounts online about people who are living in two worlds. In one world the fabric of the reality they have always known is disintegrating daily and with reports of systemic collapse, oppressive law changes, civil disobedience and police state politics that is being pushed by psychopaths with a nasty oligarchic agenda to rule the world, and another world where the normality of life, going to work, coming home, talking about the challenges of the work day with a partner and watching a movie while drinking a beer, before doing all again.

Disassociation is when one deliberately disassociates oneself from thinking about that other fearful world in order to keep functioning and I have it going on as much as anyone else at the moment.
While I’m very aware of the crises that are being deliberately created out there in order to necessitate a global government, two days ago I opened an Etsy store in order to present and sell amazing AI creations that I have been generating with clever prompts.
It’s like a need, an optimistic place I can go, a world where order, love, harmony and happiness reigns and if someone happens to like one of my creations enough to buy it, I will feel ecstatic.

In the US something quite disturbing is occurring, people are buying guns en mass. People who would never have done so before are arming themselves because the reality in which civil war rages appears to be getting continually closer and they want to be ready. At the same time, the government there is introducing laws to prohibit the sale of weaponry, they don’t want to see people defending themselves when there is an official well armed police force to do the job for them. The reality is that the police very often don’t turn up.

A survival frame of mind can be taxing when there is no immediate threat and so most people I know have a mental switch mechanism to give themselves an out from the madness that governments are creating as they vie for global dominance.
One can no longer ignore that danger is close to all of us but we can spend time in a mindset that promotes harmony such as in a garden or maybe a cool Etsy store where peaceful images abound.

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