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Europe’s Winter Deaths About To Rise Dramatically

I came across this telling statistic about the weather in Europe and how it effects the human death toll for that part of the world ‘normally.’
If there is a mild winter then then the number of recorded human deaths across Europe is about 32,000 and if there is a harsh winter then that number dramatically increases to 335,000 deaths.
Now, when there are man-made circumstances like the unavailability of fuel to warm houses then 335,000 deaths are likely to be minor compared with what is coming.

Various numbers are being thrown around as people attempt to predict the future but one thing is sure, high energy prices will impact the number of deaths across the European continent as people cut back on heating their living environments.

There have been suggestions that the European leaders who have lead their countries into this situation with sanctions against Russia are under orders from the WEF whose depopulation agenda is behind the energy crisis in Europe.

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