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CCP Blames US For Civil Unrest

It was inevitable that the CCP would start blaming the West for the disaster they have created themselves. The Zero Covid policy (which is based on a lie) has been an excuse for three years to weld people into their apartment buildings and to PCR test them to death and now the 1.5 billion citizens have had enough.
Rather than show remorse or accept culpability for the anger being directed at the CCP, they have instead decided to blame the West for stiring up trouble.
The euthanizing of pets, the inability of people to leave rooms or apartments for months and years at a time and the disappearance of family members, has finally pushed people to the edge but of course the perpetrators of this violence want desperately to point the finger elsewhere.
This an ugly side of authoritarianism and although there have been widespread calls for the leader of China to step down, dictators don’t do that. Like Mao and Stalin they live on, often with ill health creating chaos and pain until their last breath.
This must be a huge learning curve for the people of China who have always gone along with the status quo in order to have a reasonable life. That reasonable life is no more and the political system in China is proving to be paranoid in the extreme. Governments can become insane and you get the feeling from the leadership in China that anything is possible, even military action against the very citizens they govern.
Globalist, authoritarian leaders around the world are watching what happens in China with great interest. Until now the CCP’s control of it’s citizens with fear has been very successful, what happens next will be a sign of things to come for the rest of us.

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